A classroom for everyone

Let’s build a brighter future

Education is a basic human right, but there are still 258 million children and youth across the world out of school. We build classrooms to increase children and youths access and enrolment in secondary education. We work in Sub-Saharan Africa where more than half of the world’s out of school children and youth are living.

Our work

Founded in Norway in 2020, Let’s Build is a global non-profit
organization which builds classrooms to increase access and enrolment
for children and youth in public secondary education.


We are impartial, neutral and independent. We are united by our common vision:

 a classroom for everyone.


 Our work is focused on the construction of classrooms in public secondary schools through local contractors and communities. Our school package also include double latrines, one each for boys and girls. When the classrooms are handed over they are fully equipped with school furnitures. We believe well designed and built classrooms help to increase attendance, improve student outcomes, support better teaching, and reduce student dropouts.


We have a local presence in the countries we work and we collaborate to maximize our impact. When our construction is complete we handover the classrooms to local Government. Let’s Build strives to be a trusted partner for communities, government and education stakeholders.