Let's Build | We build schools to thrive in
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We build schools to thrive in

Let’s build a brighter future

Education is a basic human right, but there are still 258 million children and youth across the world out of school. We build infrastructure for learning in countries ranked low on the Human Development Index to make sure children and youth have a safe, inclusive and protective learning environment to thrive in. Our vision is a school for every child and youth to thrive in.  

Our work

Let’s Build is a non-profit organization established to invest in and develop public school infrastructure in countries ranked low on the Human Development Index.


We help local governments accelerate their plans to build or renovate quality public schools for children and youth. Our investments are not done one-off nor in a vacuum. Our approach is to work hand-in-hand with local partners to ensure a total education package for students, one that ensures not only best learning environments but continued lifelong learning to benefit society over the long term.


Providing school infrastructure in alignment with government plans and community needs. We believe well designed and built infrastructure supports better teaching, improves student outcomes, increases attendance and reduces student drop-outs, among other benefits. Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is key to escaping poverty.