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August 2021

In August 2021 Building Malawi worked in collaboration with Let’s Build to establish Lingadzi Leadership Academy (Secondary School).

Partnership to deliver the school also included Lingadzi Academy Secondary School, Malawi National Library Service, The Green Schools Project, Tingathe and Ascent Soccer.


Construction includes:

Quadruple earthbag classroom block. Total of 4 classrooms for forms 1-4.

Double earthbag classroom block, total of 2 rooms.

One laboratory and one for computer room.

4 toilet block for females and 4 toilet block for males.

Charity Gifts, Volunteer Work Africa, Malawi School UK (buildingmalawi.com)

August 2021

First Let’s Build Malawi Board meeting

Abishai Winston Mphande, Chairman of the Board

Matthias Clement Magombo, Board member

Mette Alfstad Johansen, Board member & representative for guarantor Let’s Build Foundation

July 2021

Let’s Build has partnered with Grønn-Hagen Bjørke Malawi Foundation to build a Library/Laboratory classroom block in the village of Tukombo, District of Nkhata Bay

November 2020

November 12th, 2020 a Let’s Build funded school in Chasongo, Malawi was complete and 258 students (109 boys and 149 girls) will soon be attending classes! Six teachers are teaching five grade levels at the school.

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June 2020

June 19, 2020 Let’s Build signed a partner agreement with Save the Children Norway. The partnership will be based on a value based collaboration to ensure more children and youth in developing countries will get a quality education. We are looking forward to the collaboration with Save the Children.


April 2020

The foundation Let’s Build Foundation was established by Isanor Impact AS April 27, 2020 with the vision a school for every child and youth to thrive in.

January 2020

We joined Human Practice Foundation on a field trip to Meru in Kenya.

The purpose of the trip was to visit schools in need of renovation, observe Human Practice Foundation in their work and also to see Ntugi Primary School where Isanor Impact AS on behalf of Let’s Build had made donations for the school to be renovated.

The Ntugi Primary School enrolls 304 children. The renovation consisted of renovation of existing buildings as well as improvements of the yard for the purpose of using the garden facilities as a way of introducing the children to agriculture teaching. Additionally a library should be installed.

Thanks to collaboration between several partners Ntugi Primary School could make all necessary renovations in the school.

Thank you to Human Practice Foundation for hosting this trip!