Let’s Build first year of operations in Malawi.


During the year we have managed to reach the goal we set of finalizing and handing over construction of 10 double classroom blocks and 10 double latrines to increase access and enrolment for 1000 additional students in 5 existing public secondary schools in Lilongwe Rural. All structures are built using concrete. The completed work was done over a period of 7 months and handed over to Ministry of Education in December 2022.


We have also initiated the work to increase additional access for 1500 students in 8 existing public secondary schools in Lilongwe Rural.

July 2021

Let’s Build has partnered with Grønn-Hagen Bjørke Malawi Foundation to build a Library/Laboratory classroom block in the village of Tukombo, District of Nkhata Bay

November 2020

November 12th, 2020 a Let’s Build funded school in Chasongo, Malawi was complete and 258 students (109 boys and 149 girls) will soon be attending classes! Six teachers are teaching five grade levels at the school.

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June 2020

June 19, 2020 Let’s Build signed a partner agreement with Save the Children Norway. The partnership will be based on a value based collaboration to ensure more children and youth in developing countries will get a quality education. We are looking forward to the collaboration with Save the Children.

April 2020

The foundation Let’s Build Foundation was established April 27, 2020 with the vision a classroom for everyone.