Q1 2020 – Ntugi primary school

In January 2020 we joined Human Practice Foundation on a field trip to Meru in Kenya.

The purpose of the trip was to visit schools in need of renovation, observe Human Practice Foundation in their work and also to see Ntugi Primary School where Isanor Impact AS on behalf of Let’s Build had made donations for the school to be renovated.

The Ntugi Primary School enrolls 304 children. The renovation consisted of renovation of existing buildings as well as improvements of the yard for the purpose of using the garden facilities as a way of introducing the children to agriculture teaching. Additionally a library should be installed.

Thanks to collaboration between several partners Ntugi Primary School could make all necessary renovations in the school.

Thank you to Human Practice Foundation for hosting this trip! https://www.humanpractice.org/

Before construction, May 2019
After renovation, January 2020.
May 2019
January 2020. New windows put in.
May 2019
January 2020, new roof and plastered outside, new doors
January 2020
Inside before renovation, May 2019
Inside, January 2020, plastered walls and new windows