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Let’s build a brighter future

Our work


Let’s Build is a Norwegian foundation established to invest in and develop public school infrastructure in developing countries.


We help local governments accelerate their plans to build or renovate quality public schools for children and youth. Our investments are not done one-off nor in a vacuum. Our approach is to work hand-in-hand with local partners to ensure a total education package for students, one that ensures not only best learning environments but continued lifelong learning to benefit society over the long term.


We’re in it for the long run and have a strong focus on local ownership.

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Our people


We are an international organization, our people are our most valuable resource. We aim to have local presence in all the countries we build infrastructure for learning with local people on the ground.


Mette Alfstad Johansen

Secretary General


Mette is an experienced auditor and speaker. She has worked in EY for several years. The last years she has been working in different roles such as CFO and Group Finance Director. Mette has been part of establishing Let’s Build Foundation.


Jørgen Dahl

Founder and Chairman of the Board


Jørgen is a founder and business leader. Jørgen founded Sector Alarm 25 years ago which is one of Europe’s biggest alarm companies today. Jørgen is working as the CEO of Sector Alarm. Let’s Build Foundation is founded by Jørgen through his company Isanor Impact.


Tove Wang

Board member


Tove is a nurse, she has worked for Save the Children for 40 years. She led the first international global campaign, Rewrite the Future. This campaign improved education for 10 million children. Tove worked as the General Secretary in Save the Children Norway for 8 years and she received the King’s Merit Medal for her long and dedicated service in 2019.


Amund Skarholt

Board member


Amund is a business leader, he has been the CEO for several known companies such as Tomra, Bravida and Securitas. Today he is the Chairman of the Board in Nokas, a Board member in Sector Alarm and many other companies. He has a broad experience in international operations and restructurings.

Our partners


We are an international organization, our people are our most valuable resource.